Case Study

Security –
Passenger Mapping

  • Detect People in Designated Areas
  • Identify people within zones of interest
  • Generate Actionable Data
  • Take actions like crowd control, safety & security deployments, or vendor recommendations

Security - Passenger Mapping
Traffic Flow Monitoring

Traffic –
Flow Monitoring

  • Monitor the flow of vehicles within designated areas.
  • Identify congestion points and traffic patterns.
  • Detect abnormal traffic behaviors such as sudden stops, wrong-way driving, or illegal parking.
  • Identify vehicles within zones of interest, such as restricted areas or high-risk zones.

Workforce & Facilities –

  • Detect potential safety hazards such as spills, leaks, or equipment malfunctions.
  • Identify employees in hazardous zones or areas at risk of accidents.
  • Monitor workplaces to detect and predict risk to protect workers and control loss.
  • Facilitate rapid response to emergencies by providing real-time location data for employees.
  • Coordinate evacuation procedures and emergency services deployment based on employee location and safety status.

Workforce & Facilities Safety

AI Co-Pilot

  • Customer Service -Implemented AI-powered data analytics system leading to 40% efficiency gain.
  • Digital Insights into Factory Operations - Drove digital transformation for a large manufacturing house, resulting in 30% revenue increase.
  • Automation of Complex Workflows -Developed a cutting-edge product engineering solution, achieving 99.9% user satisfaction.

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When innovation meets IT, your business soars We believe that technology has the power to transform and uplift businesses. By delivering innovative products and exceptional customer support, we aim to simplify technology and empower our clients to accomplish their distinct objectives. We are dedicated to offering top-notch technology solutions and services to businesses, assisting them in optimizing their processes and staying ahead in a rapidly changing digital world.
Driving digital transformation, delivering results
At TechioSoft, we provide innovative tech solutions to keep you ahead in your industry. We simplify technology to enhance productivity and continuously upgrade our offerings to meet your evolving needs. Our expert team is always available to guide you through technological complexities, ensuring you have the support to succeed in today's competitive business landscape.

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At TechioSoft, we embrace core values essential for success in today's competitive business environment: 

    • Innovativeness
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    • Enhancement & Advancement
    • Adaptability
    • Quality-First

These values drive our commitment to continue pushing boundaries, providing exceptional service, working collaboratively, seeking growth opportunities, being adaptable to new challenges, and never compromising on quality.

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At TechioSoft, we offer a wide range of services to help organizations achieve their technology goals

Highly dedicated team that believes in upskilling
Tailored, cutting-edge solutions to fit clients' targeted requirements
Successful track record
Broad range of IT services and products aimed at boosting business growth
Established partnerships with top technology providers
Investment in R&D to bring quantifiable solutions to clients
Flexible engagement options to meet various client needs
Commitment to sustainability and responsible corporate citizenship.

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