Clinical Documentation: Reimagined​

Introducing EchoMD – the revolutionary solution that transforms medical encounters into accurate electronic medical records (EMRs) with just the touch of a button. Powered by advanced AI technology and supported by expertly trained medical scribes, EchoMD simplifies the documentation process for healthcare providers. With EchoMD, you can effortlessly record patient interactions, knowing that every detail will be meticulously transcribed and integrated into your existing EHR system. By automating the tedious task of EMR documentation, EchoMD frees up valuable time for healthcare professionals to prioritize what truly matters – delivering exceptional patient care. Experience the future of medical transcription with EchoMD and unlock newfound efficiency in your practice today.

AI Agents for the Future

Gen AI Experts​

We analyze your data, create the automation strategy roadmap, requirements and set clear KPIs.​

Custom Development

We align the AI model with your needs and goals for the best results.​


We can connect with any software you use. The freedom is yours.​

DevOps Enablement​

Elevating your organization's software delivery efficiency by focusing on speedy delivery of quality services. ​

Automation Solution​

Experience faster, precise testing with our AI-powered solution. We optimize testing with automatic scripts and reporting.​

Observability & Analytics

Increase efficiency with real-time data access and visibility. We reduce uncertainty with strategy, architecture, and telemetry stack.









Image feed to Spreadsheet / Data Stream Pipeline

We makes it easy to connect to cameras or video streams over USB or network, and output usable data using industry-standard MQTT data. You can easily push this data to a Snowflake, an AWS S3 bucket, Google BigQuery, or a database or data lake of your choice for further analytics.​

Face Recognition​

Verify anyone from anywhere in under one second. Detect the location of one or more human faces in images, along with attributes such as pose, face mask and facial landmarks. We create apps with facial recognition for a seamless and highly secure user experience.​

Read text from images with optical character recognition (OCR)​

Extract printed and handwritten text from images with mixed languages and writing styles using OCR technology.​

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Search photos with image retrieval​

Boost content discoverability with image analysis​

Easily customize your own state-of-the-art computer vision models that fit perfectly with your unique use case

  • Customize image classification and object detection to fit your needs with just a handful of images and without compromising accuracy​
  • Search photos with image retrieval ​
  • Recognize products on shelves​

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